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At the Argenbright Group
its all about YOU!

For more than 40 years, the Argenbright family of companies has been 100% dedicated to our employees. We believe you - our frontline employees - are the most important aspect of our business and we've been doing everything we can to support you and your success. That's why so many of our employees have been with the Argenbright Group for decades. 

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A Little Bit About Us

The Argenbright Group is a privately-held family of companies that provides people-intensive business solutions to a variety of industries including aviation services, facilities management, commercial security and government security.

The Group was founded in 1979, by Atlanta-based, Frank Argenbright, Jr. who started his career in the contract security industry. Frank started his first company with $500 of borrowed money and successfully grew that company into a $1 billion global operation. Since then, he has started and grown several companies, all of which have been extremely successful and have employed more than 100,000 people in the United States and Europe.

Our client-service culture, dedication to employees and strong focus on innovation has helped make our organization the powerhouse it remains today. 


Just a few of the reasons for our success

Engagement and Retention of Front-Line Employees

Relentless Customer Focus

Organic Growth

Strategic Acquisitions

Best in Class support functions and systems