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2018 - Present

The Argenbright Group re-entered the aviation services business in December 2018, through the acquisition of a majority stake in Delta Global Services from Delta Air Lines, which together with other tuck-in acquisitions has been rebranded as Unifi.


Unifi provides a range of above-wing and below-wing aviation services to airlines and airports across the nation. It currently employs over 20,000 service professionals operating in over 200 airports throughout the US, creating the largest footprint in the US aviation services.


In an incredibly short period of time, Unifi has become one of the largest aviation service providers in the US.

2021 - Present

Velociti Services is a facilities services company specializing in integrated facility management. Velociti Services is a division of Argenbright Holdings, a company that has over 20,000 employees and produces over $1 billion in revenue in the facility services and aviation services industries. Argenbright companies have been operating since 1978.


Our safety, service, solution model centers around the needs of our clients to provide one-stop solutions. Offering hard and soft facilities services, our integrated approach offers solutions for many commercial market segments.

2022 - Present

Amberstone are a major supplier of intelligence and security services and one of the leading providers of electronic security solutions operating across the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves on our tailored and innovative approach to meeting our customers' needs, from comprehensive end-to-end solutions to the procurement of bundled or individual products and services.

We aim to provide the best return on investment for our varied client base, whilst reducing risk, minimising costs and sharing strategic best practice, wherever possible.

2022 - Present

Argenbright Innovation Lab's objectives are aligned with the values of our group company - to build happier societies using high impact deep technology

Our research and innovation focusses on bringing latest technologies to labor intensive frontline services and associated hourly wage workforce. 


We strive hard to add continuous value to people involved in our ecosystem - our employees, associates, customers and their employees, and end customers.

AMH Services

2022 - Present

Argenbright Master Holdings Services (AMH Services) is our Gurgaon based global service centre, aimed to be a world-class delivery center that will lead to transformational growth and sustained value addition to the group companies.


The centre provides a strategic advantage to the group by serving the current group companies and future acquisitions by building business excellence through best-in-class enabling functions and systems in the space of Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Core Operations, Business Intelligence, Technology, Analytics and Automation.

Successfully Divested Companies

SecurAmerica       2005 - 2021  
SecurAmerica was the third Group company. It was started with the aim of focusing on commercial security services. The company acquired American Security Programs in 2014, to gain entrance into the government security business. The company experienced substantial organic growth and reached more than $450 mn in revenue with more than 13,500 employees in the US. SecurAmerica was sold in January 2021 to Allied Universal.

AirServ       2002 - 2012  
The second Group company focused on aviation services. Founded in 2002, it grew to more than $300mn in ten years, expanding across the US and UK and becoming one of the premier providers of above-wing aviation services in these markets. The company employed 12,000 aviation service professionals operating in more than 60 airports across the US and UK. The business was sold to ABM Industries in November 2012.

AHL Services       1979 - 2000  
The first Group company that Frank started with $500. He ultimately grew the organisation to $1 billion in annual revenue when the company sold in 2000. The business included security and aviation services (50%) and temporary staffing and fulfilment services (50%) and employed more than 50,000 service professionals across North America and Europe in 2000. The company was listed on the NYSE in the mid-90s and acquired 23 companies between 1995 - 1999.

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