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Our Team's Accomplishments

Across our family of companies, our people fuel our success. Whether they’re mentoring teams or scaling mountains, each and every employee possesses the passion and commitment that advances our position in the industry. 

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Hunter Argenbright

Operations, Argenbright Group

Meet Hunter Argenbright, a member of the Argenbright Group, whose determination has led him to conquer notable peaks, including Mount Everest, as part of his quest to summit the highest peaks on all seven continents.

One quote from author Idowu Koyenikan has formed the cornerstone of his mental toolkit: "If the mountain is bigger than you, you need to become bigger than the mountain.” From staying focused on the task at hand to creating bonds that endure, Hunter's toolkit extends beyond mountaineering, providing invaluable insights for overcoming challenges in any aspect of life.

His journey reminds us that determination, a positive mindset and a well-prepared set of guiding principles are the keys to conquering any summit, whether it be in the world of mountaineering or corporate challenges.

The bonds forged, camaraderie embraced and lessons learned through these endeavors not only shape his personal growth, but also inspire leadership qualities that resonate with the core values of the Argenbright family.

Click here to learn about Hunter’s most recent expedition to Antarctica and climb of Vinson Massif. His story serves as inspiration for anyone striving to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in their own journey.


JJ Hernandez

General Manager of Ramp Operations, Unifi (San Diego)

JJ Hernandez was honored with the Unsung Hero Award at the Pride of Ground Handling Awards during the 24th Annual GHI Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. After overcoming significant health challenges that led to the loss of most of his eyesight, Hernandez returned from a brief leave to remarkably enhance station operations, increasing daily flights from 30 to 65. 

Leading a team of 245 employees, Hernandez's visionary leadership has driven safety improvements and elevated performance metrics. Under his guidance, customer satisfaction ratings have soared to an impressive 100%, reflecting Unifi's commitment to excellence and safety.


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Velociti Team at Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns hosted an employee appreciation event in their arena to recognize our Velociti
employees for a year of excellence in service.

SVP of Global Partnerships of Phoenix Suns & Mercury Tom Fletcher says, “For us, when you look at what is most important to our organization, it’s the fan experience. We want our fans to experience the excitement, the great energy, and the great music – a clean building is a part of that. Velociti has the agility to be able to add games and add events on the flip of a dime to make sure that fan experience doesn’t change.”


Frank A. Argenbright Jr

Executive Chairman, founder, Argenbright Group

The Atlanta Business Chronicle honored “consummate dealmaker” Argenbright with the 2022 Deals of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award. The campaign spotlights a different facet of business each year, and in 2022, the outlet focused on the region’s major mergers and acquisitions.


Argenbright knows a thing or two about mergers and acquisitions: Since 1979, the entrepreneur has built Argenbright Group into a $1.4 billion global operation with holdings across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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Ying McPherson

Chief Commercial Officer, Unifi Aviation

In 2021, the Atlanta Business Chronicle named McPherson one of Atlanta’s “40 Under 40,” a designation celebrating her remarkable career achievements and her contributions to the community.

An energetic leader who has helped Unifi transform since its transition from Delta Global Services, McPherson mentors colleagues, develops employee initiatives, and brings enhanced resource planning and design thinking to Unifi’s operations.

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Karan Ishwar

Chief Executive Officer, Argenbright Holdings

The Atlanta Business Chronicle named Ishwar as one of Atlanta’s “40 Under 40” in 2019, when he was leading as Chief Financial Officer for SecurAmerica. The designation celebrates Ishwar’s remarkable career achievements and his contributions to the community.

Ishwar joined SecurAmerica in 2014, focusing on strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions. After stepping into his role as Argenbright Holdings CEO in 2021, he now oversees business, finance and technology, and mergers and acquisitions for the group.

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